Employee Payroll Contribution Program

Employee Payroll Contribution

In 2016 the RCDSB established the Student Support Fund, with the goal of reducing barriers to education and enabling all students to succeed. Students receive financial and/or gift in-kind support in the form of extra-curricular program fees, college application fees and assistance in obtaining basic needs.

As a teacher, principal or employee in administration, you see how important your role is to the well-being and future success of our students. Now, with the ability to make a small donation through the RCDSB Employee Payroll Contribution Program, you can help us work toward making sure that no student is left behind.

This fund not only benefits students but also staff by helping them reach out and support students, your contribution will directly benefit our students and help to improve their educational experience. Whether you donate $2 or $25 every donation counts and will positively impact our students.

Who can sign up for the program? Who does the program support?

This program is open to all RCDSB staff. Your contributions will be used to support all RCDSB students in need.

How does the program work?

The program provides the opportunity for RCDSB staff to make a monthly payroll contribution to the Student Support Fund, through a monthly deduction from your pay cheque. Withdrawals can be any amount from $1 and up.  If all RCDSB staff donated $5/month over $60000 would be raised annually to support RCDSB students.

How do the contributions help students in need?

RCDSB school staff will identify students that require support and apply to the Student Support Fund on their behalf. Students will be eligible for assistance with basic needs, extra-curricular program fees and college application fees. For more details please see how we help.

Where can you sign up?


Once you have signed up your monthly contributions will start on the next withdrawal date. In order to cancel monthly contributions please contact payroll at The processing of your cancellation may result in one additional withdrawal depending on the date your e-mail is received in relation to the withdrawal date.

When can you sign up?

The program is set to launch in September 6, 2016. RCDSB staff can join the program at any time after this date.

Why should you sign up?

By signing up for the Employee Payroll Contribution Program you are providing RCDSB students in need with the support they need to overcome barriers to education and fully engage in school life.

How can you help? Sign up for the Employee Payroll Contribution Program, select a monthly contribution amount, challenge your coworkers to sign up too!

The RCDSB Student Support Fund is a recognized charitable organization all donations  will be tracked .